Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division is responsible for editing books, responding to departments and sections within and outside the college, and handling administrative correspondence. The department aims to execute the administrative and technical services required by all members of the college, including faculty, technicians, and administrators.

The tasks of the Division include:

The tasks of the department include:

1. Managing employee records and documentation.
2. Handling recruitment processes, including advertising vacancies, receiving applications, and conducting interviews.
3. Administering employee benefits and compensation packages.
4. Facilitating training and development programs for staff.
5. Managing employee performance evaluations and providing feedback.
6. Addressing employee grievances and conflicts.
7. Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.
8. Collaborating with other departments to support organizational goals and initiatives.
9. Maintaining confidentiality and data protection for employee information.
10. Providing administrative support to the college leadership and other departments as needed.