Cognitive development in scientific research and achieving continuous competitiveness and innovation in evaluating scientific and educational services in light of societal needs with high quality. Developing the skills of engineering personnel to work and keep pace with advancements in the fields of oil and gas.


This college aspires to graduate competent engineers in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and renewable energy. This is to bear the burdens of the difficult transitional period our country is going through, and to prepare distinguished personnel with high-quality education and scientific research to enhance national industries, especially the extractive and transformative oil industries, to serve the community according to the latest contemporary technological developments. They should be able to raise the national product’s level efficiently and with high quality and at low costs, to compete with current imports. The newly established college seeks to be one of the leading local and regional colleges in exploration and scientific research by applying global standards in knowledge, education, scientific research, and community service.


The college program aims to prepare technically skilled engineers capable of solving various industrial problems and working on the development of production processes and operation of industrial units. It is expected that the college will offer an outstanding educational program to students that includes the necessary specialized and applied sciences, as well as skills in sound scientific analysis, to meet the needs of the job market in both the public and private sectors for specialized personnel in the field of utilizing oil and gas resources.


Scientific Departments at the College

  1. Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering Department
  2. Renewable Solar Techniques Engineering Department

Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering Department 

The Department of  Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering   was established in 1998 and was one of the distinguished departments at the Technical Engineering College /Kirkuk. It recently transitioned to the newly established the College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering /Kirkuk with the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024, making it one of its rare departments in Iraq in terms of specialisation and uniqueness. The department graduates specialized engineering technologists in the field of fuel and energy, particularly due to its geographical location in Kirkuk, a province rich in oil resources. The department’s direct connection to the job market through the public and private sector companies and oil refineries in the region emphasizes its significance. The Department of Fuel and Energy Technologies comprises various practical laboratories such as Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Petroleum Refining Laboratory, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical and Fluid Chemistry Laboratory, Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory, Electrical Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, and AutoCAD Laboratory. Additionally, there is a crude oil refinery workshop where practical lessons are explained, and laboratory experiments are conducted for students in various subjects.

Renewable Energy Techniques Engineering Department 

The Department of Renewable Energy Techniques Engineering  was established in 2023 with the founding of the College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering /Kirkuk  within the framework of Northern Technical University. This department is considered the first of its kind in Iraq and one of the most important rare and demanded specialisations globally. As the world seeks alternative energy to fossil fuels (such as oil, gas, and coal), the specialization of Renewable Energy Technologies focuses on studying various renewable energy systems from both theoretical and practical perspectives. This includes studying solar energy systems, both photovoltaic and thermal, as well as wind energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy, bioenergy, in addition to hybrid systems and energy management.The Renewable Energy specialization program is a four-year program aimed at providing graduates with advanced knowledge of the latest technologies for green energy generation. These technologies include solar cells, wind energy, biofuels, biomass, natural gas, and more.Renewable Energy Engineering serves as a link between engineering branches involved in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems. These branches include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, environmental engineering, materials engineering, and other engineering sciences. The specialization revolves around the methods and systems used to generate and distribute energy from sustainable and renewable sources, including people, materials, information, equipment, sustainable energy sources, and their applications in these environments.