The unit of Continuing Education has several tasks and duties, including the following:

1. Organizing continuous training and development courses for faculty members and staff at the college.
2. Developing continuing education programs to meet market needs and professional development requirements.
3. Coordinating and managing external training programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
4. Providing support and assistance to students and faculty members in benefiting from continuous educational opportunities.
5. Evaluating and analyzing the results of continuing education programs and developing them based on feedback.
6. Coordinating cooperation with external entities such as companies and institutions to offer customized educational programs.
7. Documenting and providing certificates and diplomas to participants in continuing education programs.
8. Supervising the management of facilities and equipment used in continuing education programs.

These tasks contribute to enhancing the development of skills and knowledge for faculty members, staff, and students and reinforcing the college’s status as a center for continuing education and professional development in the community.