About the department

Department of Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering


The department aims to prepare specialised engineering graduates who are capable of dealing with fuel and energy techniques in all their forms, including production, transportation,
distribution, improvement, and utilisation for energy generation. This includes contributing to the engineering design of specialized equipment and devices, their maintenance, operation, and control of machinery and equipment used for energy generation, as well as keeping pace with developments in fuel and energy fields.


The vision for the Department of Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering is to have a distinguished vision that drives it to raise the level of graduates to be qualified and
knowledgeable engineers in their field, capable of integrating into all fields of work in society regardless of the nature of the work, as the four years of study are sufficient to graduate
outstanding students in all innovative practical fields of professional life.


The mission of the Department of Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering lies in effectively contributing to the development of the educational process and pushing it towards practicing
the realistic and field aspects in order to promote progress and keep up with excellent skills education, and to enter the job market strongly by keeping pace with developments in curricula and modern technologies, and providing practical laboratories for students to conduct
experiments that connect the theoretical aspect with the practical aspect.