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The College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering  / Kirkuk is an educational institution that aims to qualify students in the fields of petroleum and gas engineering and renewable energy. The college focuses on providing high-quality education that combines academic theories and practical applications to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the energy industry. The College of Petroleum and Gas Engineering Technologies / Kirkuk is an outstanding place to study for those who wish to specialize in these vital fields and contribute to the development of the energy sector in its various aspects.

Leadership in education and research in the field of energy sources technologies to contribute in achieving sustainable development

Providing high-quality education and innovative research programs in the fields of the oil and gas, and renewable energy to contribute in solving  energy challenges and ensuring their sustainability

  1.   Providing high-quality technical education in the field of oil, gas, and renewable energy.

  2.  Providing  innovative research programs that contribute to improving the energy sector and achieving sustainable development.

  3. Providing an  appreciate  and advanced educational and research environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation.

  4.  Providing educational and training opportunities that enhance students’ practical and leadership skills.

  5.  Strengthening cooperation with the government and private sectors to support educational and research programs and provide employment opportunities for graduates.

  6.  Promoting awareness of the importance of using renewable energy and preserving the environment.

  7.  Graduating qualified engineers  committed to social and environmental responsibility.


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Curriculum Vitae

The CVs' of teaching staffs contain academic information and research affiliations

Academic program Description

The academic program includes the courses and modules scheduled for each academic stage and for all scientific departments

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Bologna Process

Includes guides for the four academic courses of the academic departments

academic Journals

Includes the academic Journals of the Northern Technical University

Digital repository

Digital repository for scientific researches conducted by researchers at Northern Technical University


Schedules of lectures

Includes the schedules of lectures both in-person and online for the scientific departments

schedules of exams

The exam schedules for the scientific departments are published according to seasonal timings and one week before the exam date

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College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering  organizes a marathon for the college students at the...

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Council of the College

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Al Ain University Award

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