Studies and Planning Division

The Studies and Planning Division is linked to the Department of the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, and this division represents the link between the databases in the faculties and the departments of the presidency, and it is a scientific and technical division that supports its work using specialized software to maintain and update human resources databases at the university, prepare a database for all university employees and formations, and enter data on special programs on the computer. This division seeks to reach an integrated statistical system that meets all needs, as well as preparing studies for the development of colleges and scientific departments at the university and their formations, working on developing and approving primary curricula, systems, establishing advanced training courses, and supervising the training programs prepared by the colleges and institutes of the university. And updating the systems for the morning and evening preliminary studies, as well as collecting, classifying and analyzing statistical data and information, implementing programs for managing information and its flow electronically between the department and the corresponding departments in universities with continuous updating of them, preparing admission plans in accordance with the strategic directions of the university, and producing official statistics about the college, students, teachers and employees, as well as data and information related to the work of the rest of the joints of the college and its departments, including statistics, training courses, and providing information services to the parties that Need statistics .


  •    Providing the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up at the University Presidency with statistical data and tables for all college      activities for each academic year upon their request.
  •           Providing statistical consultations to the college, teachers and staff.
  •           Preparing reports and statistical studies related to various activities.
  •         Operating the calculator system and feeding ready-made systems and applications to the beneficiaries.
  •          Contribute to the preparation and audit of data entry into the computer.
  •          The possibility of organizing training courses in all disciplines.
  •         Take the necessary action in cases of introduction of job grades.

          Entering information for teachers, technicians and administrators on the computers of the Division.


  •  Preparing and organizing the scientific and technical staff in accordance with the approved official controls and principles.
  • Preparing statistical reports for the college.
  • Preparing the annual report of the college for each academic year.
  • Preparing the university statistics for the college for each academic year.