The tasks and duties of the Career Development and Employment Unit include several activities, such as:

1. Providing support and guidance to students and graduates to develop their skills and acquire the necessary experience for employment.
2. Organizing and conducting recruitment events such as job fairs and workshops to facilitate the hiring process.
3. Managing databases of graduates and job seekers to facilitate the recruitment process.
4. Providing advice and guidance to students in choosing their career paths and suitable specializations.
5. Conducting tests and personal interviews to assess the skills of students and graduates.
6. Collaborating with companies and institutions to provide training and employment opportunities for students and graduates.
7. Providing training courses and workshops to develop job search skills and enhance resumes.
8. Monitoring the performance of graduates after employment and providing necessary support to achieve success in their careers.

These tasks aim to support students and graduates in transitioning from academic life to the job market and enable them to achieve professional success that meets their aspirations and the needs of the job market.